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When family members must settle legal disputes related to married spouses, parents, or children, they are often required to do so in family court. While dissolving a marriage through divorce is one of the primary reasons people enter family court, unmarried parents, cohabiting partners, adoptive parents, and victims of domestic violence may also face a variety of family law issues.


Couples planning to end their marriage will need to resolve a variety of legal issues before they can finalize their divorce. These issues may include:

Divorce laws vary from state to state, so it is important to work with an experienced attorney who can help you understand your rights and your best options for reaching a positive resolution to your case. In some cases, spouses may wish to use methods such as divorce mediation or collaborative law to resolve their disagreements without the need for litigation in court.

Family Law

Families may face a variety of legal issues that must be resolved in family court. These matters may include:

  • Adoption - Completing the legal procedures for adopting a child, giving them the same rights as parents’ biological children.
  • Civil Unions - Establishing legal partnerships for same sex partners or those who wish to remain unmarried.
  • Prenuptial/Postnuptial Agreements - Creating agreements either before or after getting married which protect spouses’ financial assets and make decisions about how matters will be handled in the case of divorce.
  • Paternity/Parentage - Following the legal procedures for establishing that a father is a child’s biological parent, allowing them to have a relationship with their children and ensuring that children have financial support.
  • Fathers' Rights - Protecting fathers’ ability to maintain close relationships with their children, whether fathers and mothers are married, separated, divorced, or unmarried.
  • Grandparents' Rights - Helping grandparents obtain visitation rights that will allow them to maintain an ongoing relationship with their grandchildren.
  • Orders of Protection - Obtaining restraining orders to protect victims of domestic violence or domestic abuse.

When entering family court, it is essential to work with a skilled attorney who can explain how state laws apply to a family’s situation. It is important to fully understand the rights of parents, children, and other family members, as well as the legal procedures which must be followed and the steps which should be taken to resolve legal issues in family court.

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