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Lawyer Representation in Commercial Legal Matters

Businesses represent a significant investment of time and money on the part of their owners, which means that an owner will want to be sure their business is protected from any threats, including those of a legal nature. Owners will also want to use the legal tools available to them to ensure the ongoing success of their business.

It is important to work with a skilled business law attorney when forming or acquiring a business or when dealing with any legal matters that may arise. An experienced lawyer can provide invaluable guidance, ensuring that the laws are followed correctly and helping resolve legal disputes that a business encounters.

Business Law Issues

An attorney can provide assistance with a wide variety of issues related to a business, including:

  • Business organizations - When forming a business, owners should choose the type of business entity that meets their needs. An attorney can help business owners understand the benefits provided by a limited liability company (LLC), S-corporation, or other type of business organization.
  • Banking and finance - An attorney can work with a business to ensure compliance with banking regulations and address the issues that may arise when obtaining financing that will allow the business to operate.
  • Commercial law - A lawyer can ensure that the sales of goods meet the requirements of the Uniform Commercial Code.
  • Mergers and acquisitions - A lawyer can help a business understand and address the issues involved when acquiring or merging with another company, including compliance with federal, state, and local laws and regulations.
  • Contracts - An attorney can help draft and negotiate a wide variety of contractual agreements, including shareholder agreements, partnership agreements, operating documents, employment contracts, non-disclosure agreements, severance agreements, vendor contracts, service contracts, and real estate contracts.
  • Business litigation - A business may face a wide variety of legal challenges, such as employment disputes, breach of contract lawsuits, or intellectual property disputes. A strong attorney can advocate for a business in court or resolve issues through negotiations, arbitration, or settlements.
  • Mediation - In order to avoid litigation, businesses may choose to settle disputes by using an impartial mediator, working to reach a resolution that all parties can agree on.

When addressing the legal issues involved in forming a business, settling disputes, or addressing changes related to financing and growth, it is essential to work with a business lawyer who understands the federal and state laws that affect the business. A skilled attorney can ensure that the rights of all parties are protected and that all legal requirements are met while advocating for the business's best interests in any legal disputes.

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