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Areg Allen Sarkissian - Encino, CA - Elite Lawyer
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Areg Allen Sarkissian

Encino Litigation Attorney

Practice Areas

Business Law, Contracts, Litigation, Real Estate

Main Office

Sarkissian Law Group
6345 Balboa Blvd, Suite 114
Encino, CA 91316
Phone: 818-827-5199

About Areg Allen Sarkissian

Attorney Sarkissian gained ample experience working for prominent real estate litigation firms before starting his own firm. From his office in Encino, California, Mr. Sarkissian represents clients facing legal matters involving real estate, business transactions, and civil litigation. He is licensed to practice law throughout the states of Nevada and California. Attorney Sarkissian is a passionate attorney who fiercely advocates for his clients in and outside of the courtroom.

Bar Associations

State Bar of California
Nevada Bar Associations
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