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Nicholas Dowgul

North Carolina Professional/Occupational License Defense Attorney

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Professional License Defense

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About Nicholas Dowgul

Nicholas Dowgul, a seasoned North Carolina Professional License Defense Attorney who prefers to go by "Nick," embarked on his legal journey back in 2008 at the Public Defender's Office in Harrison County, Mississippi. It was in this role that he discovered his true passion for the art of litigation, feeling most at home when he was inside a courtroom.

Although he relishes the mental battles waged in court, Nick firmly believes that, when appropriate, reaching resolutions outside the courtroom is often in the best interest of his clients. However, should the need arise and all other avenues for resolution have been explored, Nick is well-equipped to secure the most favorable outcomes for his clients in contested legal scenarios. His journey eventually led him to North Carolina in 2010 after falling in love with Raleigh and deciding to make it his new home.

Nick's legal career has been marked by a diverse array of services he has provided to his clients, encompassing family law, child custody, equitable distribution, child support, post-separation support, alimony, divorce, civil litigation, traffic citations, and landlord/tenant disputes.

In 2019, Nick founded the North State Law Firm, with a specific focus on aiding North Carolina Professionals in defending their licenses and certifications before North Carolina Licensing Boards and State Agencies. As a licensed professional in North Carolina himself, he fully comprehends the far-reaching implications of allegations against one's license, which can not only tarnish one's reputation but also jeopardize their ability to earn a livelihood and support their family.

Nick is deeply committed and impassioned about helping North Carolina professionals achieve the best possible outcomes when confronting licensing issues, allowing them to return to the careers they've dedicated so much time and effort to building.


Mississippi College, J.D.-2007
Florida State University, B.A.-2003

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