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Jack C. Helgesen - Layton, UT - Elite Lawyer
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Jack C. Helgesen

An Attorney who Represents Severely Injured Utahns

Practice Areas

Personal Injury

Main Office

Helgesen, Houtz & Jones
1513 North Hill Field Road, Suite 3
Layton, UT 84041
Phone: 801-544-5306
Fax: 801-682-8328

About Jack C. Helgesen

Mr. Helgesen has won some of the largest settlements in Utah. He and his partners have helped Utahns and residents of other states in hundreds of injury cases for the last four decades. Early in his career, Mr. Helgesen won one of the first million-dollar awards in a Utah medical malpractice trial. This what the first of many other victories in medical cases. Mr. Helgesen graduated cum laude from Weber State University in Ogden, Utah. He received his Juris Doctor law degree from Brigham Young University.

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