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Jorge L. Riera

Practice Areas

Banking & Finance Law, Business & Commercial Law, Litigation, Alternative Dispute Resolution, Securities

Main Office

Riera Law
8301 SW 63rd Place
Miami, FL 33143
Phone: 305-204-9779

About Jorge L. Riera

Jorge L. Riera is the founder of Riera Law, a nationwide practice located in Miami, Florida. Recognized as a knowledgeable litigation attorney with over 15 years of legal experience, Mr. Riera concentrates his practice on investor claims against brokers, investment advisers, advisory firms, and brokerage firms. Having previously worked at the SEC, Jorge utilizes his prior experiences to help victims of investment fraud and securities fraud. Fluent in English and Spanish, Mr. Riera is able to represent a wide variety of clients. Dedicated to protecting harmed investors, Attorney Riera offers a free consultation and case evaluation.

Bar Associations

Florida Bar Associations

Honors & Awards

Recipient of the SECu2019s Enforcement Division Directoru2019s Award- Present
Recipient of SECu2019s Award for Excellence- Present

Professional Associations

Member of the Association of Securities and Exchange Commission Alumni, Inc.
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