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In this digital age, people use the Internet to search for everything, from restaurant menus to buying a vehicle, and even finding an attorney. Promoting yourself online is essential these days to have a successful practice. Whether you are trying to boost your online presence, connect with potential clients, or improve your online reputation, digital profiles are a critical part of being found on the Internet. Many attorneys and law firms are members of online legal directories. These resources can be invaluable tools for locating legal professionals who practice in certain areas of the law. The Elite Lawyer directory contains a listing of exceptional attorneys in numerous practice areas. It has grown since its inception in 2018, expanding to include outstanding attorneys from all 50 states.  

Elite Lawyer Directory

Elite Lawyer is a directory and rating service that awards and recognizes attorneys all over the United States who have displayed extraordinary competence in their practice area and who have been acknowledged by their fellow peers in the legal community. The Elite Lawyer directory provides a comprehensive and credible resource for attorneys and a user-friendly directory for consumers who are looking to hire a highly respected lawyer in their geographic area. 

Elite Lawyer uses a rigorous selection process to ensure that all attorneys listed in our directory have demonstrated excellence in the practice of law and a commitment to their clients and their communities. Selection as an Elite Lawyer shows that an attorney is among the top-rated attorneys in the United States and has the experience and dedication that will ensure their clients' legal issues are handled satisfactorily.

Tips for Creating a Professional Profile

A first impression can go a long way in determining a future relationship. This applies to many areas of life, including a profile related to your career and professional achievements. When someone needs legal assistance, he or she may turn to the Internet to find an attorney. That is why it is crucial to have a clean, concise, and pertinent profile so potential clients will want to hire you. Here are a few ways to make a professional and enticing profile:

  1. Take a professional picture: A clear, professional-looking portrait of yourself is much better than a candid shot or selfie that you take on your own. A photographer can adjust the lighting and recommend the best poses, clothing/attire, and background to produce an eye-catching and complimentary profile picture.  

  2. Include accurate information: Your profile on a legal directory should contain important information about your credentials, as well as your practice areas, office locations, phone numbers, email addresses, and anything else that might make someone who is looking for legal help want to hire you.  

  3. Provide interesting tidbits: A little personal information can go a long way in making you seem relatable to prospective clients. You do not need to disclose in-depth details about your family or personal life, but you can include hobbies or any interests outside of the law. 

  4. Keep your status updated: It is important to continually monitor your profile to make sure it is accurate and reflects any updates or changes to your qualifications, such as new Bar admissions or recently published works. 

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Attorneys who are recognized as Elite Lawyers are experienced and credible in a wide variety of practice areas. They are carefully screened, rated, and reviewed by the Elite Lawyer Advisory Panel. Throughout this unprecedented time in our nation’s history, we at Elite Lawyer have been working to support all of our distinguished members throughout the legal community. We are open and prepared to help you in any way we can. To nominate a lawyer or learn more about how to become an Elite Lawyer, contact us today at 833-40-ELITE (833-403-5483).






The cost of higher education has steadily been increasing over the past few decades. However, in some cases, financial aid may be available, and it can come in the form of grants, loans, or scholarships. A scholarship is a payment made to support a student’s education, typically awarded on the basis of academic or other achievements, such as sports, music, or arts. Elite Lawyer is pleased to announce that it is offering a $500 scholarship to students who are pursuing a post-high-school degree for 2020. This scholarship can be awarded to those interested in a law degree or any other discipline of study. 

Who Can Apply?

Without assistance, many students may not be able to afford college or university classes to obtain the degree they need in order to enter the workforce and pursue opportunities in their chosen field. Scholarships provide an opportunity for those eager pupils to earn an education who otherwise might not have the financial means to do so.

There are only a couple of requirements that applicants must meet in order to qualify for the Elite Lawyer scholarship. The scholarship application is currently open to individuals who are currently attending or who are planning to attend post-secondary education, including college or graduate school, in Fall of 2020 and/or Spring of 2021. In addition, those students who apply must have an overall grade point average (GPA) of 2.5 or greater. 

Applicants have two options: they may submit an original, 500-word essay or a two-minute video presentation that addresses the following topic: “What have you learned about yourself during the COVID-19 pandemic?”

Rules for Applying

At Elite Lawyer, we will carefully review all the applications we receive and choose the essay that best reflects personal growth during the coronavirus crisis. If you or someone you know is interested in applying for the Elite Lawyer scholarship, here are a few rules regarding the application process:  

  • Entries must be filled out on the Elite Lawyer website and submitted by August 3, 2020.

  • Applicants must provide their full name, mailing address, phone number, e-mail address, and date of birth.

  • Applicants must specify the college or university they currently attend or are planning to attend to pursue post-secondary education.

  • Applicants are only allowed one submission.

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Scholarship programs are a way of awarding hard work and determination. At Elite Lawyer, we recognize outstanding performance by attorneys across the country who are leaders in their practice areas. We are proud to offer a scholarship program that also recognizes future leaders in the field of law and other essential industries. During this unprecedented time in our nation’s history, we believe it is especially important to support our members throughout the legal community. We are open and prepared to help you in any way we can. To nominate a lawyer or learn more about the Elite Lawyer scholarship program, contact us today at 833-40-ELITE (833-403-5483).

People need legal assistance for many different issues, from criminal matters to personal injury claims and estate planning. Data show that there are over 1 million attorneys in the United States. With numerous law firms providing the same services, it can be difficult for someone to know where to begin when searching for the right lawyer. In many cases, a person will look online to find a law firm in his or her area. When deciding who to hire, reviews or awards can mean a lot, and they are often the determining factor when choosing between several firms. People who are looking for legal representation expect nothing but the best when it comes to entrusting their future with an attorney. The prestigious Elite Lawyer award instills the utmost confidence in your clients that they will be treated fairly and with integrity.

Who Can Be Recognized as an Elite Lawyer?

The Elite Lawyer award provides recognition to exceptional lawyers throughout the entire United States who offer services in a variety of practice areas. The award shows that a lawyer has demonstrated a distinguished skill set and proven success in their career, is highly regarded by their fellow peers, and is active in the local community.

Lawyers who have been honored with the Elite Lawyer award have shown that they have the commitment, background, and reputation that will allow them to meet their clients' needs. Attorneys must meet or surpass our strict selection criteria to receive the award and be eligible for inclusion in the Elite Lawyer directory. Those attorneys who have been selected as an Elite Lawyer can be proud of this honor and display their awards with enthusiasm. 

Proven Excellence in the Legal Community

Elite Lawyer uses a demanding selection process to make sure the attorneys who are listed in the Elite Lawyer directory have unparalleled accomplishments in their practice areas. In addition, they must be dedicated to their clients as well as their communities as a whole. Being chosen as an Elite Lawyer indicates that an attorney is one of the most highly-rated lawyers in the U.S. and has the knowledge and experience that will ensure their clients’ legal issues are handled correctly.

For many people, dealing with a legal matter can be an extremely intimidating process. They may need help reducing criminal charges, finalizing a divorce, or creating a living will. Recognitions, client testimonials, awards, and honors can all set an attorney apart from the crowd. When prospective clients visit your website, an Elite Lawyer award gives them the confidence that you are a well-respected firm. It signifies that you will tirelessly advocate for their rights and seek justice on their behalf.

Become an Elite Lawyer Today

It is important for any individual who is facing a legal matter to find competent legal representation to ensure his or her rights are protected. At Elite Lawyer, we honor attorneys and law firms throughout the country who provide leadership in their chosen areas of practice. Our goal is to provide a comprehensive directory that ensures that clients can connect with highly-qualified attorneys. During this unprecedented time, we also understand the importance of supporting our members in the legal community. We are open and prepared to help you in any way we can. To nominate a lawyer or learn more about the Elite Lawyer award and directory, contact us today at 833-40-ELITE (833-403-5483).

This unprecedented time in our nation’s history has required officials at the local, state, and federal levels to navigate uncharted waters. The global outbreak of COVID-19 has affected millions of people. Many states have “shelter in place” orders for residents, and the federal government has issued guidelines on social distancing. This means citizens are urged to refrain from large gatherings in an attempt to slow the spread of the highly contagious coronavirus. Businesses such as restaurants, theaters, and shopping malls are closed for a period of time. Many courthouses across the country have also closed temporarily or are only hearing emergency cases. It is no surprise that our legal community has risen to the challenges presented. Elite Lawyer is proud to support the outstanding services that attorneys everywhere are providing during this critical time. 

Law Firms Providing Necessary Services During the Pandemic

In response to the COVID-19 cases worldwide, attorneys are continually monitoring the legal implications and local health guidelines. Law firms across the United States are working during this global health crisis, following safety protocols by incorporating telephone consultations and video conferencing for their clients. With the health and safety of clients a top priority, many firms have limited in-person meetings to legal matters that require immediate attention or emergency court appearances. Whether working remotely or in the office, legal teams throughout the country are dedicated to meeting the needs of the public and protecting individuals’ rights according to the law.  

How Can I Nominate an Elite Lawyer?

The Elite Lawyer award is given after a strict, multi-faceted process that begins with a peer nomination. Those attorneys who are recognized as elite receive an award and a listing in our directory. Our mission is to provide a comprehensive and accurate online resource for attorneys as well as individuals who are in need of legal representation from an outstanding, well-renowned attorney.

The nomination process is simple. To nominate a lawyer who has gone above and beyond during this tumultuous period, you can do the following in our easy online form:

  • Fill out your contact information

  • Complete the nomination form, providing the attorney’s name, website, phone number, and email address

  • Submit the nomination to be reviewed by our advisory panel

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It is with heartfelt gratitude that we acknowledge the sacrifices healthcare workers and first responders are making on a daily basis to keep us safe. During this uncertain time, we understand the importance of supporting our members in the legal community. At Elite Lawyer, we recognize attorneys throughout the United States who are accomplished leaders in the legal community. We are committed to offering a diverse directory that allows potential clients to connect with attorneys who can provide the services they need. To nominate a lawyer or learn more about Elite Lawyer, contact us today at 833-40-ELITE (833-403-5483)

Laws are meant to serve many purposes, including establishing standards, maintaining order, resolving disputes, and protecting citizens’ liberties and rights. Lawyers act as advisors to clients, informing them of their legal rights and obligations and explaining how to address their legal issues. Members of the legal profession represent individuals who are seeking justice for various legal matters. The importance of a legal directory should not be overlooked. A legal directory is similar to a business directory, but it is specifically used for law firms. It is essentially an online list of law firms, attorneys, and judges within specific practice areas or geographic locations. A web-based searchable listing of legal professionals helps prospective clients find help when they need it most. 

Advantages to “Being Seen”

Due to the importance of local search results (Google Maps, for example) and online reviews, directory listings should be part of any law firm’s overall online marketing strategy. In many cases, admission to legal directories is permanent or lasts for a substantial period of time. Therefore, purchasing listings under numerous directories can be considered a one-time expense that can benefit a law firm’s overall search engine optimization (SEO). Here are a few of the added benefits a listing in a legal directory provides:

  • Paying for a listing on one or two directories can include as many practice areas as possible. A link to the firm’s website can garner direct leads, improving search engine rankings. 

  • Internet search engines continually reference legal directories to learn more about a specific law firm. Pertinent information about a practice can give a firm the added SEO authority to rank higher in online search results. 

  • Legal directories are a fairly inexpensive marketing tool that drives traffic and possible clientele to your firm. Once a listing is complete, it can generate new clients who may not have known a firm existed in their city or county. Most users who are on legal directory sites are actively looking for attorneys or law firms.

  • Reputation management is key to a law firm’s continued success. Positive reviews on an attorney’s directory profiles can directly impact a firm’s reputation. In addition, directories that encourage endorsements from other attorneys are helpful if someone is looking for a lawyer in a specific practice area.

Become an Elite Lawyer Today


Being listed in a legal directory can help your firm attain the status it deserves by increasing its exposure to potential clients. In addition, a strong online presence can drive traffic to your website. At Elite Lawyer, we recognize law firms and attorneys across the United States who are leaders in their areas of practice. We are dedicated to offering an inclusive directory that helps clients connect with qualified attorneys. To learn more about Elite Lawyer or to nominate an attorney, contact us today at 833-40-ELITE (833-403-5483).

Featured Attorneys

Tricia Goostree

Tricia Goostree

Tricia D. Goostree | Kane County Family Law Attorney | Goostree Law Group

Goostree Law Group

555 S. Randall Road, Suite 200
St. Charles, IL 60174
Phone: 630-584-4800
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Allen N. Schwartz

Orland Park Personal Injury Lawyer

Kralovec, Jambois & Schwartz

60 W. Randolph St., 4th Floor
Chicago, IL 60601
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Darlina C. Crowder

Collin County Criminal Attorney

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Todd A. Bresney

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Springfield, IL 62704
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