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Christopher John Schisani

Practice Areas

Criminal Defense, Drug Crime, DUI / DWI, Sex Crime, Retail Theft, Burglary, Violent Crimes

Main Office

Joshi Law Firm, PA
1800 Pembrook Drive, Suite 200
Orlando, FL 32810
Phone: 407-661-1109

About Christopher John Schisani

Christopher John Schisani is a highly regarded criminal defense attorney located in Orlando, Florida. As a former prosecutor in Orange County, FL, Attorney Schisani utilizes his previous experiences to craft a well-devised defense for his clients. Due to his previous courtroom successes as a prosecutor, coupled with his competitive attitude and charismatic personality, Christopher was recruited by the high profile criminal defense law firm, Joshi Law Firm, P.A. in June of 2019. He became a partner at the law firm in November of 2020. At this time, the law firm transitioned over to Joshi & Schisani Law Firm, P.A. Attorney Schisani continues to receive favorable results in the courtroom. In March of 2020, Attorney Christopher Schisani, and his colleague, Attorney Rajan Joshi, helped save a client facing a life sentence--after a grueling, but successful, four day trial. Attorney Schisani believes in an aggressive, strategic, and methodical defense strategy. Christopher and his colleagues at the Joshi & Schisani Law Firm, P.A. offer a free case evaluation.

Bar Associations

Florida Bar Associations
Orange County Bar Association
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