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Heather Carter-Jenkins

South Jordan Family Law Attorney

Practice Areas

Divorce & Family Law, Adoption, Child Custody, Child Support, Divorce & Separation, Divorce Mediation, Parenting time / Visitation, Property Division, Family Law

Main Office

Jenkins Law Office PLLC
912 West Baxter Drive
South Jordan, UT 84095
Phone: 801-679-3010

About Heather Carter-Jenkins

Heather Carter-Jenkins has been advocating for clients as a litigator since being admitted practice. Her primary areas of practice are Family Law (including divorce, custody, guardianship and adoption) and Native American Law. A specialized area where those two areas meet is the Indian Child Welfare Act (ICWA) and Heather has become known as an authority in Utah on the subject. In addition to these areas, Heather enjoys taking general litigation cases that put her in the courtroom where persuasive writing and speaking are her true passion. In addition to practicing law in Salt Lake City, Utah, she is actively licensed on multiple tribal courts inside the State of Utah and has been admitted to practice in tribal courts as far away as North Dakota. She has managed her own law firm, Jenkins Law Office P.C., for over ten years.


Brigham Young University, J.D.-2006

Bar Associations

American Bar Association
Utah Bar Associations
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