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Steven James Park

St. George Personal Injury Attorney

Practice Areas

Accidents & Injuries, Car Accident, Motorcycle Accident, Personal Injury, Premises Liability, Rollover Accident, Slip and Fall Accidents, Truck Accident

Main Office

We Win Injury Law
1173 South 250 West, Suite 311
St. George, UT 84770
Phone: 435-272-0079

About Steven James Park

While he'd never openly acknowledge it, Jim unquestionably stands as the most intelligent attorney within our firm. And, if that wasn't impressive enough, he also boasts the most impeccable mane; the quintessential blend for a contemporary lawyer. Jim undertook a dual major during his law school days and is the sole attorney in our practice holding both a juris doctorate and a master of law degree. Over the past two decades, he has harnessed this expertise to compel insurance companies to deliver equitable compensation, and has played a pivotal role in the majority of our multimillion-dollar litigation cases. Jim's dedication to securing the optimal results for our clients is unparalleled. In fact, we often jest about it, but Jim is the kind of attorney who will be at your doorstep when you require assistance moving a couch, demonstrating his genuine concern for our clients and their recovery. Clearly, these attributes render Jim an indispensable member of We Win Injury Law.


University of Missouri - Kansas City School of Law, LL.M.-2005
University of Arkansas - Fayetteville, J.D.-2005
University of Utah, B.S.-2001

Bar Associations

Arkansas Bar Association
Nevada Bar Associations
Utah Bar Associations
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