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Brian R. Morris

West Jordan, UT Family & Criminal Law Attorney

Practice Areas

Criminal Defense, Divorce & Family Law, Child Custody, Child Support, Divorce & Separation, Divorce Mediation, Fathers' Rights, Spousal Support, Prenup / Postnup, Parenting time / Visitation, Property Division, Family Law

Main Office

Morris Law Group, PLLC
9219 S Redwood Rd, Suite A
West Jordan, UT 84088
Phone: 385-274-7776

About Brian R. Morris

At Morris Law Group, we understand that the success of our law firm is intricately tied to our clients' satisfaction and the positive outcomes we secure on their behalf. Rarely do we encounter a legal issue that hasn't been previously addressed and resolved in one of our past cases.

Our team of highly skilled attorneys, centrally located in Midvale, is committed to delivering prompt, competent, and efficient legal services to clients from diverse backgrounds, regardless of the complexity or scale of their legal matters. We aim to provide a welcome respite during what can be an incredibly stressful period in our clients' lives.

At Morris Law Group, we recognize the pivotal role we play in shaping your future. Your legal concerns often mark significant turning points, and we are dedicated to ensuring that the results align with your objectives and requirements.

With a focus on family law, criminal law, and estate planning, our firm is uniquely equipped to handle even the most intricate and life-altering cases.

Our reputation is built almost entirely on the pillars of quality, integrity, and unwavering service, primarily through referrals. In fact, over 90% of our clients come to us through recommendations from former clients, opposing parties, and members of the legal community. This speaks to the caliber of our representation and the level of satisfaction we consistently provide to our clients.

If you'd like to explore how Morris Law Group can assist you with your legal matters, please don't hesitate to reach out to us at 385-274-7776 or contact us online today.


University of Idaho

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