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I was raised in the suburban neighborhoods of Memphis, Tennessee. Similar to many residents here in Charlotte, I made the decision to relocate to North Carolina after completing my graduate studies. During my time in law school, my focus was on intensive study and practical experience through internships. An aspect that set me apart from most of my peers was my decision to attend law school after completing a postgraduate degree and gaining work experience.

My postgraduate studies were primarily concentrated on criminology and criminal justice, with a significant emphasis on researching the generational transmission of domestic violence. I initially had plans to pursue a career in law enforcement after completing my legal education, and I dedicated my law school years to working at the Federal Bureau of Investigation. Additionally, I interned at a reputable family law firm before obtaining my law license.

After law school, I initially intended to practice law for a period before considering a return to the Bureau. However, it was during this time that I fully committed to the practice of law. I gained experience at the firm where I had interned and at another highly respected family law firm in Charlotte before establishing Freedom Law | North Carolina. While I am appreciative of the opportunities I had and the knowledge I acquired from my previous roles, I gradually recognized a disconnection between conventional legal practices and the evolving needs of today's clients. If I were in their shoes, I wouldn't just seek a competent attorney capable of handling my case; I would also desire an attorney who could relate to me and genuinely value my unique story. This is the essence of what I aim to provide for my clients at Freedom Law | North Carolina. Your life, your journey, and your decisions are at the forefront. I'm here to offer guidance and support.


Charlotte School of Law, J.D.
University of Memphis, B.A.-2009
University of Memphis, M.A.-2011

Bar Associations

Hawaii Bar Associations
North Carolina Bar Associations

Honors & Awards

Super Lawyers, 2021- Present
Mecklenburg County Business Leadership Institute Graduate, 2021- Present

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