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Gage C. Herbst

Attorney Gage Herbst

Practice Areas

Criminal Defense, Domestic Violence, Drug Crime, Marijuana, DUI / DWI, Extreme DUI, Felony DUI, Retail Theft, Burglary, Violent Crimes, Weapon Charges, Immigration, Asylum, Citizenship, DACA, Deportation

Main Office

105 E. Fort Union Blvd.
Midvale, UT 84047
Phone: 801-676-6548

About Gage C. Herbst

Gage Herbst is an experienced immigration and criminal defense attorney. Gage is the founding member of Contigo.Law, a firm dedicated to immigration and criminal defense located in Midvale, Utah. While the firm is located in Midvale, Gage has represented clients in immigration matters from coast to coast. Gage handles most types of immigration cases in immigration court and before USCIS and the Department of State.

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