The start of a new year can bring many resolutions, and it also usually brings new laws. So far, 2020 has seen numerous legal changes across the United States. Updated laws and amendments have gone into effect in several states, affecting a wide variety of criminal offenses, family law cases, and other legal matters. Law reform is a reflection of societal changes, and updates to the laws are meant to address the ever-changing values and needs of our communities. Some laws are created and passed at the federal level, while others are made by the states. The laws often differ significantly between one state and another, meaning that different laws may apply to people within a single geographical area. It is important to keep abreast of any changes to legislation that might affect you as a citizen or an attorney defending a client. 

States Enact Different Legislation 

Many bills that were signed into law last year went into effect on January 1, 2020. One notable change is the minimum wage for workers, which was increased in 21 states and 26 cities and counties throughout the United States. In more than 12 of these locations, the rate will now be at or above $15 per hour, which many call a true “living wage.”

A few more notable changes to U.S. laws include: 

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