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When a person writes a book, paints a portrait, or creates some other form of expression, they have certain rights that ensure that nobody else can profit from their work without their permission. In today's digital world, copyrights provide an incredibly important form of protection that many people rely on to earn an income.

If you want to ensure that your creations are protected by copyright, or if you need help resolving legal issues related to copyrighted works, it is essential to work with an experienced intellectual property attorney. A skilled lawyer can work to protect your rights and advocate for your interests in any copyright disputes.

Protections Provided by Copyright

Copyright laws apply to a wide variety of forms of expression, including books, website articles, poetry, music, lyrics, scripts, motion pictures, television broadcasts, paintings, sculptures, architectural designs, sound recordings, photographs, and software. Copyright protections apply to original works that are fixed in a tangible form, which can include being printed, stored electronically, or published online.

The owner of a copyright has the exclusive rights to reproduce, sell, distribute, perform, or publicly display their work. They may create new works based on the original work (known as derivative works), sell or give the rights to another person, or give someone rights to use their work in certain ways through a license. The copyright for work created during the course of an employee's work for a company, known as work made for hire, belongs to the employer rather than the employee, unless the parties have signed a contract stating otherwise.

Copyright protections automatically apply to original works, and an owner can include a copyright notice when publishing a work to protect against infringement. A person may also register a copyright through the U.S. Copyright Office, which can provide additional benefits if disputes should arise.

Works for which the copyright has expired are in the public domain, meaning that anyone can use, display, copy, or publish this work without seeking permission from the creator. For works created after January 1, 1978, copyright expires 70 years after the death of the author. Copyrights for works created prior to 1978 will typically expire 95 years after the date of publication.

Copyright law can be complex, but it is important to protect the rights of those who create original works. If you need to ensure that your work is protected from being stolen and used by others, or if you want to stop someone from infringing on your copyrighted work, an intellectual property lawyer can provide you with the legal help you need and work to reach a resolution in any copyright disputes.

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