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Federal Labor Relations Authority Attorney Overview

Lawyer Representation in Labor Law Cases with the FLRA

People who work in the United States have certain rights, and these rights apply not only to employees in the private sector, but also to those who are employed by the federal government. One key right afforded to American workers is the ability to form and join unions for collective bargaining purposes, and federal employees should be sure to understand how to settle disputes related to labor law.

If you believe that your rights as a federal employee have been violated, it is important to work with an experienced federal employment law attorney. A skilled lawyer can help you understand the legal procedures and requirements you must follow and advocate for your interests as you work to settle your disputes.

FLRA Cases

Disputes related to unions for federal employees are handled by the Federal Labor Relations Authority (FLRA). The FLRA can address cases involving:

  • Unfair Labor Practice (ULP) - A ULP involves a violation of employees' right to participate in a union and bargain collectively. Federal agencies may commit ULPs if they discipline an employee for filing a grievance or refuse to allow an employee access to a union representative in an investigatory interview. Unions may commit ULPs if they do not negotiate with a federal employer in good faith or refuse to process grievances for those who are not members of the union.
  • Representation - The FLRA may assist with conducting union elections to decide whether employees in a unit wish to be represented by a union, and it can help with the classification of employees to determine whether they are eligible for union representation.
  • Arbitration - Collective bargaining agreements between unions and federal agencies are required to include procedures for negotiating grievances through arbitration. Awards issued by an arbitrator can be appealed by either a union or an agency through the FLRA.
  • Negotiability - The FLRA settles disputes between federal agencies and unions involving contract proposals related to an agency's requirement to negotiate over certain matters or contract provisions which were disapproved by an agency head.
  • Negotiation impasse - When parties in a collective bargaining negotiation cannot reach an agreement, the FLRA may help them agree to bilateral arrangements or provide assistance through the Federal Mediation and Conciliation Service (FMCS) or the Federal Service Impasses Panel (FSIP).
  • Other cases - The FLRA may provide unions or agencies with requested General Statements of Policy or Guidance, enforce decisions related to the standards of conduct, or hear cases involving Foreign Service employees through the Foreign Service Labor Relations Board.

Legal disputes involving federal employees and unions can be highly complex, and in these cases, it is essential to work with a lawyer who understands federal laws and regulations and has experience representing government workers. A skilled attorney can ensure that an employee's rights are protected while working to help them achieve a positive outcome to their case.

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