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Lawyer Representation in Cases Involving Parents, Children, or Other Family Members

There are multiple types of cases that fall under the category of family law. While divorce is the most common situation where a person may need to address issues in family court, other situations involving parents, children, or other family members may require the parties to take legal action to protect their rights and interests. In any family law case, it is crucial to secure representation from an experienced attorney. A knowledgeable and skilled lawyer can make sure their client understands how the laws in their state apply to their situation and the steps they can take to resolve their legal issues.

Legal Help With Family Law Matters

While family law cases often involve disputes between two or more parties, they may sometimes involve a person or family seeking approval from the court to take certain actions. Some types of cases that may need to be heard in family court include:

  • Child custody - Unmarried couples who are separated will need to determine how they will share the responsibility of raising their children. An attorney can help parents create a parenting agreement that addresses these issues, including establishing schedules for parenting time/visitation and ensuring that parents provide child support to meet children's needs.
  • Adoption - Parents may choose to adopt a child in a variety of situations. The most common adoption cases involve a step-parent becoming the legal parent of their partner's biological child, and these cases can sometimes involve legal disputes if the other parent does not want to surrender their parental rights. Other types of adoptions include private adoptions, international adoptions, and foster parent adoptions.
  • Paternity - If a child is born to married parents, the husband will usually be presumed to be the child's legal father. However, if parents are unmarried, or if the identity of the child's biological father is in doubt, additional steps will need to be taken to recognize a person as the child's legal parent.
  • Same-sex marriages and civil unions - While same-sex marriage is legal, these couples may want to take additional steps to protect their rights in the case of divorce. An attorney can help same-sex couples or those who have entered into a civil union address potential issues that could arise if their relationship ends.
  • Fathers' rights - Divorced or unmarried fathers may need to take steps to protect their rights to be involved in their children's lives.
  • Grandparents' rights - Depending on state laws, grandparents may be able to pursue visitation rights if a parent is not allowing them to spend time with their grandchildren.
  • Prenuptial and postnuptial agreements - Couples may choose to enter into a legal agreement either before or after getting married that will address how certain matters will be handled if they get divorced in the future.
  • Orders of protection - In cases involving domestic violence or allegations of abuse, a lawyer can help a person obtain a restraining order to protect their family's safety. A family law attorney can also help defend against an order of protection and address related issues involving child custody.
  • Guardian ad litem - In contentious child custody cases or situations where children's safety may be at risk, the court may appoint an attorney to perform an investigation and provide recommendations about how to protect the children's best interests.

A skilled family law attorney can help family members understand the best ways to proceed when addressing legal issues. In some cases, parties may be able to reach an agreement outside of court, while in others, courtroom litigation will be necessary. By working with the right attorney, families can ensure they will have the tools they need to protect their rights and provide for the best interests of everyone involved.

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