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The United States Constitution outlines a variety of rights that are afforded to U.S. citizens, and it also grants certain powers to the government. How the laws set down in the Constitution should be interpreted is a matter that must often be resolved in court, especially in cases involving civil rights and civil liberties.

If you are involved in a legal matter involving the rights and freedoms provided to you by the Constitution, it is important to work with an experienced Constitutional law attorney. A skilled lawyer can help you understand the proper procedures that must be followed and your best options for obtaining a favorable outcome to your case.

Civil Rights and Civil Liberties

The Constitution identifies a number of civil rights that are granted to people in the United States. These rights include the equal protection of the law, which ensures that people are free from discrimination in employment, housing, and education, as well as the right to due process, which ensures that government authorities cannot deprive someone of their life, liberty, or property without following proper procedures. A person whose civil rights have been violated may be able to pursue compensation through a civil lawsuit.

U.S. citizens also have civil liberties that are based on the freedoms provided in the Bill of Rights and other parts of the Constitution. These freedoms include:

  • Freedom of speech
  • Freedom of religion
  • Freedom of assembly
  • Freedom of the press
  • The right to a fair trial
  • The right to remain silent when questioned by law enforcement
  • Freedom from unreasonable search and seizure
  • Freedom from cruel and unusual punishments
  • The right to vote

In addition to the U.S. Constitution, Constitutional law cases often address the laws defined in state constitutions and how they affect the rights and liberties provided to people in the United States, as well as other issues involved in interpreting the Constitution, such as the powers granted to Congress to pass laws governing interstate commerce.

If your civil rights or civil liberties have been violated, or if you are involved in a dispute with a governmental organization, working with a skilled constitutional law attorney is essential. An experienced lawyer can ensure that your rights are protected throughout the legal process while helping you understand how to pursue your case in state or federal courts and working to help you achieve the results that will not only provide you with the justice you deserve, but will also preserve the Constitutional rights provided to everyone in the United States.

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