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Modern medicine has improved many people's lives. Medications are available which can treat nearly any condition, and ever-improving technology provides a wealth of benefits. However, the constantly-changing medical landscape has led to dangerous drugs being released to the public and defective medical devices causing injuries to patients.

If you have been injured after using a drug or by a dangerous medical device, it is important to work with a skilled personal injury attorney. An experienced lawyer can determine who is liable for your injuries and help you understand your options for pursuing compensation for the damages you have suffered through a product liability lawsuit.

Dangerous Drugs

Before they can become available for consumer use, drugs must go through an extensive approval process. However, the dangers posed by certain drugs often do not become known until after they have been approved and begun being used by consumers. People may experience unanticipated side effects when using drugs, or the combination of drugs with other prescription or over the counter medications can result in serious harm.

Multiple parties may be liable for injuries caused by defective drugs. These may include a drug company which did not take proper measures to test a drug or falsified the results of a clinical trial, a laboratory which did not follow the correct methods for testing a drug, a drug manufacturer which committed errors that resulted in contamination during the manufacturing process, or a company that did not provide sufficient warnings about potential side effects. Injured parties may also be able to bring a medical malpractice lawsuit against a physician, hospital, or pharmacy that did not properly advise a patient on the use of a drug or its potential dangers.

Defective Medical Devices

While medical technology can greatly improve a person's quality of life, defective medical devices can cause serious, life-changing harm to patients. Common issues which may lead to injuries include:

  • Defective hip replacements - Certain types of metal hip replacements have been known to cause injuries due to failure of implants or toxicity from metal flakes which enter a patient's bloodstream.
  • LASIK eye surgery - If a laser malfunctions during corrective eye surgery, or if equipment is used improperly, serious complications can result, including glare, double vision, or blindness.
  • Transvaginal mesh - Mesh implants used to treat pelvic prolapse may deteriorate, leading to the perforation of organs and internal bleeding.
  • Malfunctioning pacemakers - Implantable defibrillators used to maintain normal heart rhythm can cause serious harm if they malfunction, leading to heart failure and death.

If you have been injured by a defective drug or dangerous medical device, you should contact an attorney to learn about your options for recovering compensation for the damages you have suffered. In cases in which a large number of people have been harmed, it may be possible to pursue a class action lawsuit against the liable party or parties.

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