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In many personal injury cases, a single person or small group of people pursue compensation from a person or organization that caused their injuries. However, in cases involving a large number of people being injured or suffering harm, they may be able to join together as a group to file a class action lawsuit.

If the negligence or actions of a person or company have caused injuries to you, as well as others, an experienced attorney can help you understand whether you should pursue a class action claim. This will ensure that anyone who is injured is able to recover compensation for their damages.

Benefits of a Class Action Suit

If a large number of people are harmed in a similar manner by a person or company, a class action lawsuit allows them all to litigate their claims together rather than one by one. This helps injured parties achieve results more efficiently, and it may allow those whose claims were not significant enough to warrant a lawsuit on their own to obtain compensation. If a lawsuit is decided in favor of the plaintiffs, the award recovered from the defendant will be divided among every member of the class who joined the suit.

Prosecuting a Class Action Lawsuit

A lawsuit becomes a class action if it is certified by the court after determining that there are a large number of plaintiffs with similar complaints, and it would not be practical for each plaintiff to pursue an individual lawsuit. Typically, the plaintiff who initially filed the lawsuit will be named the representative plaintiff, and they will act on behalf of the entire class.

The representative plaintiff is required to provide notice to everyone who may potentially be included as a member of the class, usually through advertisements on television or in newspapers or magazines. Members of the class may choose to participate in the lawsuit, or they may decide to pursue their own individual lawsuit. Those who opt in will share in any award granted to the plaintiffs.

Class action lawsuits allow people to pursue compensation in a wide variety of cases, including those involving injuries caused by defective products, dangerous drugs, or toxic substances such as asbestos. If you believe that you have a case that may be eligible for a class action suit, you should work with an attorney who understands the complex legal requirements for these cases, the best methods for gathering and presenting evidence, and the arguments that will help you and other people who were injured receive the compensation you deserve.

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